35th North Skate
35th North Skate: 1100 E Pike
Atlas Clothing
Atlas Clothing: 1419 10th Ave
B & W Antiques
B & W Antiques: 1204 E Pike
Babeland [Off-Map]
Babeland [Off-Map]: 707 E Pike
Blick Art Materials
Blick Art Materials: 900 E Pine St
Bootyland: 1317 E Pine
The Crypt
The Crypt: 1516 11th Ave
Elliott Bay Books
Elliott Bay Books: 1521 10th Ave E (The Ford Bulding)
Envy: 1546 15th Ave
Every Day Music
Every Day Music: 1521 10th Ave E (The Ford Bulding)
Ferrari/Maserati: 1401 12th Ave
KAN Orchids Flowers
KAN Orchids Flowers: 1308 E Union
Rex: 1402 12th Avenue
Flora and Henri
Flora and Henri: 919 E Pine
Frame Central
Frame Central: 901 E Pike
Horizon Books
Horizon Books: 1423A 10th Ave
Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store
Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store: 1017 E Union
No Parking
No Parking: 1102 E Pike
Nube Green
Nube Green: 921 E Pine
Platinum Records
Platinum Records: 915 E Pike
Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy: 905 E Pike
Manhattan Drug
Manhattan Drug: 1419 12th Ave
Retrofit Home
Retrofit Home: 1103 E Pike
Revival Home and Garden
Revival Home and Garden: 1517 12th Ave E (Coho Building)
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors: 1318 E Pine
Seattle Trading Post
Seattle Trading Post: 1510 12th Ave
Square Room
Square Room: 910 E Pike
ThrowbacksNW: 1205 E Pike
Value Village
Value Village: 1525 11th Ave
Velo Bike Shop
Velo Bike Shop: 1535 11th Ave
Veridis Clothier
Veridis Clothier: 1205 E Pike St. Unit 1E
Zion's Gate Records
Zion's Gate Records: 1100 E Pike
Dixon's Used Furniture
Dixon's Used Furniture: 912 12th Avenue
SPUN Sustainable Collective
SPUN Sustainable Collective: 1515 14th Avenue
Sugar Pill
Sugar Pill: 900 E Pine Street
In Commune
In Commune: 1510 12th Avenue
The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest: 1205 E Pike St.
Built for Man [Off-Map]
Built for Man [Off-Map]: 509 13th Avenue
Anchovies & Olives
Anchovies & Olives: 1530 15th Ave
Ballet: 914 E Pike
Bill's Off Broadway [Off-Map]
Bill's Off Broadway [Off-Map]: 725 E Pine
Bimbo's Cantina
Bimbo's Cantina: 1013 E Pike
Boom! Noodle
Boom! Noodle: 1121 E Pike
Cafe Presse
Cafe Presse: 1117 12th Ave
Chao Bistro
Chao Bistro: 1200 E Pike
Eltana: 1538 12th Ave
Emerald City Smoothie
Emerald City Smoothie: 1654 Broadway (The Broadway Building)
Genki Sushi
Genki Sushi: 1640 Broadway (The Broadway Building)
Plum Bistro
Plum Bistro: 1429 12th Ave #B
Elysian Brewing Company
Elysian Brewing Company: 1221 E Pike
Healeo: 1530 15th Ave
IHOP: 950 E Madison
Lark: 926 12th Ave
MAJLES Cafe for Hookah
MAJLES Cafe for Hookah: 912 C 12th Ave
Meza Latin Fare
Meza Latin Fare: 1515 14th Ave
Oasis Cafe
Oasis Cafe: 1024 E Pike
Octo Sushi
Octo Sushi: 1621 12th Ave
Oddfellows Cafe
Oddfellows Cafe: 1525 10th Ave
Osteria La Spiga
Osteria La Spiga: 1429 12th Ave
Panera Bread
Panera Bread: 1690 Broadway (The Broadway Building)
Pita Pit
Pita Pit: 1513 Broadway
Pike Street Fish Fry
Pike Street Fish Fry: 925 E Pike
Po Dog
Po Dog: 1009 E Union
Quinn's Pub
Quinn's Pub: 1001 E Pike
Rancho Bravo
Rancho Bravo: 1001 E Pine
Spinasse: 1531 14th Ave
Varro: 1542 12th Ave
Via Tribunali
Via Tribunali: 913 E Pike
Zaw Pizza
Zaw Pizza: 1424 E Pine
ZPizza: 1654 Broadway (The Broadway Building)
Big Mario's
Big Mario's: 1009 E Pike
Skillet - coming soon
Skillet - coming soon: Chloe Building
Piecora's Pizza
Piecora's Pizza: 1401 E Madison St
Thai Curry Simple
Thai Curry Simple: 1122 E Madison St
Jimmy's: 1100 Broadway
Mediterranean Express
Mediterranean Express: 1417 Broadway
Tidbit Bistro
Tidbit Bistro: 1401 Broadway
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza: 1427 Broadway
Taco Del Mar
Taco Del Mar: 1510 Broadway
Poquitos-coming soon
Poquitos-coming soon: 1000 E Pike Street
The Chieftain Irish Pub and Restaurant
The Chieftain Irish Pub and Restaurant: 908 12th Ave
Momiji: 1522 12th Avenue
Chino's: 1024 E Pike St
BaBar [Off-Map]
BaBar [Off-Map]: 550 12th Avenue
Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea
Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea: 1205 East Pike
Baguette: 1509 E Madison
Cafe Argento [Off-Map]
Cafe Argento [Off-Map]: 1125 E Olive
Caffe Vita
Caffe Vita: 1005 E Pike
Chatterbox Cafe
Chatterbox Cafe: 1100 12th Ave #101
Cupcake Royale
Cupcake Royale: 1111 E Pike
Molly Moon's Ice Cream
Molly Moon's Ice Cream: 917 E Pine
Old School Frozen Custard
Old School Frozen Custard: 1316 E Pike
Pettirosso: 1101 E Pike
Porchlight Coffee
Porchlight Coffee: 1515 14th Ave
Stumptown Coffee
Stumptown Coffee: 1115 12th Ave
Tully's: 824 E Pike
High Five Pie
High Five Pie: 1402 12th Ave
Yogurtland - coming soon
Yogurtland - coming soon: Broadway Building
Barca: 1510 11th Ave
Cha Cha Lounge
Cha Cha Lounge: 1013 E Pike
Chop Suey
Chop Suey: 1325 E Madison
Comet Tavern
Comet Tavern: 922 E Pike
Cork House Wines
Cork House Wines: 1421 10th Ave
Garage Billiards
Garage Billiards: 1130 Broadway Ave
Garage Bowl
Garage Bowl: 1134 Broadway Ave
The Lobby Bar
The Lobby Bar: 916 E Pike
Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium
Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium: 928 12th Ave
Linda's Tavern [Off-Map]
Linda's Tavern [Off-Map]: 707 E Pine
Moe Bar
Moe Bar: 925 E Pike
Neighbors: 1509 Broadway
Neumo's and Moe Bar
Neumo's and Moe Bar: 925 E Pike
Poco Wine Room
Poco Wine Room: 1408 E Pine
Pony: 1221 E Madison
Purr: 1518 11th Ave
RockBox: 900 East Pine
Tavern Law
Tavern Law: 1408 12th Ave
HG Lodge [Off-Map]
HG Lodge [Off-Map]: 1408 E Pike
The Wildrose
The Wildrose: 1021 E Pike
Unicorn: 1118 E Pike
Cobra Lounge
Cobra Lounge: 1122 E Madison
Auto Battery
Auto Battery: 1009 E Union
The Local Vine
The Local Vine: 1412 12th Ave
Grim's: 1512 11th Ave
Vermillion: 1508 11th Avenue
The Cuff
The Cuff: 1533 13th Avenue
Artusi: 1535 14th Avenue
Hunter Gatherer Lodge [Off-Map]
Hunter Gatherer Lodge [Off-Map]: 722 E Pike St
Oola Distillery
Oola Distillery: 1314 E Union St.
The Broadway Building
The Broadway Building: 1620 Broadway
The Chloe
The Chloe: 1408 E Union
The Packard Building
The Packard Building: 1205 E Pine
The Pearl
The Pearl: 1530 15th Ave
Trace North/Trace Lofts
Trace North/Trace Lofts: 1414 12th Ave
Wallace Apartments - coming soon
Wallace Apartments - coming soon: 1222 E Madison
Bartells: 1407 Broadway Ave
Madison Market
Madison Market: 1600 E Madison
Pacific Supply Co.
Pacific Supply Co.: 1417 12th Ave
QFC: 1401 Broadway
Trader Joe's [Off-Map]
Trader Joe's [Off-Map]: 1700 E Madison
WA State Liquor
WA State Liquor: 1605 12th Ave
Walgreen's: 1531 Broadway
Capitol Hill Market
Capitol Hill Market: 1728 12th Avenue
University Market and Deli [Off-Map]
University Market and Deli [Off-Map]: 734 12th Avenue
Annex Theatre
Annex Theatre: 1100 E Pike
Ballard Fetherston Gallery
Ballard Fetherston Gallery: 818 E Pike
Broadway Performance Hall
Broadway Performance Hall: 1625 E Broadway
Cassandria Blackmore Studios
Cassandria Blackmore Studios: 1102 E Pike St
Century Ballroom
Century Ballroom: 915 E Pine
Egyptian Theatre
Egyptian Theatre: 801 E Pine
Martin-Zambito Fine Art [Off-Map]
Martin-Zambito Fine Art [Off-Map]: 721 E Pike
NW Film Forum
NW Film Forum: 1515 12th Ave
Photographic Center NW
Photographic Center NW: 900 12th Ave
Richard Hugo House
Richard Hugo House: 1634 11th Ave
Square Room Gallery
Square Room Gallery: 1316 E Pike
Union Garage Theater
Union Garage Theater: 1418 10th Ave
Vermillion Gallery
Vermillion Gallery: 1508 11th Ave
Velocity Dance Center
Velocity Dance Center: 1621 12th Ave
The Project Room
The Project Room: 1315 E Pine
Aria Hair Design
Aria Hair Design: 1318 E Pine
Foundation Crossfit
Foundation Crossfit: 1422 11th Avenue
Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & Salon
Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & Salon: 1514 10th Ave
The Hair Connection
The Hair Connection: 915 E Pine
Hothouse Spa & Sauna
Hothouse Spa & Sauna: 1019 E Pike
Infinity Acupuncture
Infinity Acupuncture: 1620 Broadway Suite 201
Javelin Fitness
Javelin Fitness: 1641 Nagle Place
Mode of Fitness
Mode of Fitness: 1410 14th Ave
Emerson Salon
Emerson Salon: 909 E Pike
Rudy's [Off-Map]
Rudy's [Off-Map]: 614 E Pine
Samadhi Yoga
Samadhi Yoga: 1205 E Pike
Seattle Boxing Studio
Seattle Boxing Studio: 1432 Broadway
Super Genius Tattoo
Super Genius Tattoo: 1017 E Pike
Sweatbox Yoga
Sweatbox Yoga: 1417 10th Ave
Swoon Boutique Spa
Swoon Boutique Spa: 1422 E Pine
Seattle Yoga Arts
Seattle Yoga Arts: 1540 15th Ave
Barre3: 1404 12th Ave
Seattle Wing Chun Kung-Fu
Seattle Wing Chun Kung-Fu: 1205 E Pike St
Salon Moxie
Salon Moxie: 1319 E Pine St
Great Clips Salon
Great Clips Salon: 1403 Broadway
14th Avenue Hair
14th Avenue Hair: 511 14th Avenue
Excellent and Kenyon Massage
Excellent and Kenyon Massage: 1605 12th Avenue #6
Claire Massart, LMP
Claire Massart, LMP: 1605 12th Avenue #12
Caroline Culbertson, LMP
Caroline Culbertson, LMP: 1605 12th Avenue #22
Karen K Lucas, LMP-LMPHC
Karen K Lucas, LMP-LMPHC: 1605 12th Avenue #24-30
Radiant Health Center and Radiant Acupuncture
Radiant Health Center and Radiant Acupuncture: 1605 12th Avenue #30
8 Limbs Yoga Studio and Boutique
8 Limbs Yoga Studio and Boutique: 500 E Pike St
Exposed Skin Care
Exposed Skin Care: 1222 E Pine St
Central Physical Therapy and Fitness [Off-Map]
Central Physical Therapy and Fitness [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #101
Seattle PT Solutions [Off-Map]
Seattle PT Solutions [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #101
Neighborhood Acupuncture [Off-Map]
Neighborhood Acupuncture [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #101
Moon Rock Massage [Off-Map]
Moon Rock Massage [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #201
Anodyne Massage [Off-Map]
Anodyne Massage [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #202
Cleopatra Bertelstein, LMP [Off-Map]
Cleopatra Bertelstein, LMP [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #202
Mari Di Perna, LMP [Off-Map]
Mari Di Perna, LMP [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #202
Upright Rolfing [Off-Map]
Upright Rolfing [Off-Map]: 1820 12th Avenue #203
12th Avenue Hair and Nails Spa [Off-Map]
12th Avenue Hair and Nails Spa [Off-Map]: 1828 12th Avenue
Jolie Nails [Off-Map]
Jolie Nails [Off-Map]: 714 12th Avenue
12th Avenue Iron
12th Avenue Iron: 1415 12th Ave
60 Minute Photo
60 Minute Photo: 1525 14th Ave
Bank of America
Bank of America: 1300 E Madison
Banner Bank
Banner Bank: 1420 Madison
Blockbuster Video
Blockbuster Video: 1514 Broadway
Blue Sky Cleaners
Blue Sky Cleaners: 1515 14th Ave
H&R Block
H&R Block: 919 E Pine
Post Options - Business Center
Post Options - Business Center: 1122 E Pike St
Public Storage
Public Storage: 1515 13th Ave
Royal Cleaners
Royal Cleaners: 1406 E Pike
Seattle Dogworks
Seattle Dogworks: 1417 10th Ave #2
Silver Cloud Hotel
Silver Cloud Hotel: 1100 Broadway
Swedish Medical Center
Swedish Medical Center: 1145 Broadway
The UPS Store
The UPS Store: 1425 Broadway
Chase Bank
Chase Bank: 1429 Broadway
Foss Appraisal and Phoenix Art Restoration
Foss Appraisal and Phoenix Art Restoration: 1205 E Pike
Broadway Light Rail Station-coming 2016 [Off-Map]
Broadway Light Rail Station-coming 2016 [Off-Map]: 120 Broadway East
Moss Alley Motors
Moss Alley Motors: 932 12th Avenue
Agnes Underground
Agnes Underground: 1117 E Pike St
Computer Love
Computer Love: 1205 E Pike St
Copy Mart
Copy Mart: 1018 E Seneca St
Seattle Academy
Seattle Academy: 1201 E Union
Seattle Central Community College
Seattle Central Community College: 1701 Broadway
Seattle University
Seattle University: 901 12th Ave